Recently Completed

[frame_left]http://www.lonestarproductions.com/images/stonyfield_thumb.jpg[/frame_left]Stonyfield Farm is not only a leading organic yogurt products producer - they're also a pioneer in using social media, having been the first major food company to connect with their customers using blog experiences.

We helped Stonyfield redesign and redeploy their "blog with a farmer" TypePad blog to merge with a new overall Stonyfield Farm site design format.

Under Development

[frame_left]http://www.lonestarproductions.com/images/cobb_thumb.jpg[/frame_left]Under development for a client in Georgia is a county-based community portal system - built with Movable Type and deploying varied plugin technologies for auto-updated news feeds, user-supplied input, item ranking, community partners, and context-sensitive Google mapping.

The site matrix is being designed for easy replication country-wide, county by county. Click the image above to see the site development as it progresses.


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